tech training

Staying at home is not fun especially for the non-essential workers that have been laid off. In fact, it’s not fun for almost anyone. The economy has been rocked by millions of American adults being sent home with no job to help support them. This has caused a surge in unemployment claims and struggling businesses trying to keep the lights on with half the force. Not to mention that staying at home also means you’re using more utilities, eating more groceries, and using more Internet data! This crisis has been a problem for many bank accounts, and you might be panicking to find a new job fast.

Although you may not have anything lined up, using this time to learn a new trade can help you get back into the workforce when everything is over. An online education platform known as Udacity is offering this unique chance to all Americans. Their program teaches critical tech skills and they are offering a month of free tech training for Americans stuck at home during the pandemic.

The normal price of taking this program to earn a nanodegree (certification of your tech skills completion) can cost $400 a month. Add in that the training usually takes 4-6 months and you’re looking at a high cost. But the company is helping struggling people back on their feet by completely cutting the cost.

“With the nature of work around the world shifting to address the risks associated with COVID-19, much of the workforce finds itself at home,” says the Udacity CEO Gabe Dalporto. “At the moment, what’s coming next in their professional lives remain unclear for far too many. To help address this, Udacity is pleased to offer free access to our Nanodegree programs for a month to anyone interested in learning critical skills for today’s in-demand careers.”

Udacity offers a range of tech courses including autonomous systems, UX design, programming, artificial intelligence, data analysis, cloud computing, digital marketing, and more. Any American struggling at home and trying to find their next step is encouraged to take part of this free training and learn critical skills for tomorrow’s jobs. To take advantage of this opportunity or learn more, visit the site here.