Top ten tips for preparing for summer camp

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Camp season is almost here! Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas is gearing up for an action packed, fun-fueled summer of day and overnight camps and we know you are excited for a summer of adventure. Here are a few things parents and campers should know before you zip that duffle bag.

1. Manners count.
One of the most basic ways you can help your camper get ready for any camp is to brush up on manners. A simple please, thank you, or excuse me can make everyone’s camp experience better.

2. Brush up on the basics.
If this is your daughter’s first time as a camper, make sure she can tie her own shoes, wash her hands, and zip and button clothing without help.

3. Don’t buy new clothes.
It’s no secret that camp can be messy. Day campers can come home covered in paint. Residence campers might come home with a, um, new scent. Send old clothes that you won’t mind getting stained or even torn. GSSWT provides a Camp Metro shirt for each day camper.

4. Prepare for camp together.
Pick camp sessions and fill out camp forms together so she has ownership of her experience. If she’s heading to one of our resident camp sessions review the camp map and guidelines.

5. Don’t over-pack.
One camp hack is to lay shorts, underwear and socks on a T-shirt and roll them together. Put each outfit into a freezer bag so they are easily accessible and only send a couple extra changes of clothes. Don’t forget to include her in the packing process. This will help her know what she has and where it’s packed. This will also help her when she has to repack everything on her own.

6. Get involved!
Every session of Camp Metro ends with a family showcase on Fridays. Girls have the chance to show off what they’ve learned and created. You don’t want to miss it.

7. You’ve got mail!
Send pre-stamped, self-addressed envelopes with her to encourage your daughter to write home while at resident camp. It’s one less step they have to do to fill you in on all the fun they are having. You can also send mail in advance so she’ll receive a letter her first or second day away.

8. Ditch the electronics.
Electronics are not allowed at GSSWT day and residence camps. Your daughter may have a hard time unplugging that first day but she’ll create stronger bonds and an enriched experience if she’s plugged into the activities and not a device.

9. Start practicing at home.
Girls will be responsible for cleaning their living spaces and common areas. If they don’t already have chores at home, now is a good time to get started. Imagine your house being cleaned without having to do all the work! Kids as young as five years old can do things like setting and clearing the table, vacuuming, making their bed, and wiping off tables.

10. Know that camp staff will do everything within their power to ease homesickness if it arises.
The best thing you can do is to remind your kid that missing each other is normal and the week will fly by. Please don’t tell them to call if they are homesick.

BONUS: Have fun!
Camp is a special place and girls create lifelong memories so don’t miss out!

About Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas (GSSWT): Powered by more than 6,000 adult volunteers, Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas serves more than 18,000 girls in its 21-county jurisdiction. Girl Scouting helps girls in grades K–12 develop the courage to experience new adventures, the confidence to defy self-doubt, and the character to impact a community. For more information, visit

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