NBC Screenshot

NBC Screenshot

Al Roker of The Today Show surprised two San Antonio workers with thousands of dollars worth of groceries. Juan Ramos and Angela Williams work with R3 Student Outreach which is a group that originally began as a way to support teens who have been bullied. Recently these two San Antonio residents have been devoting themselves to helping with the COVID-19 crisis. They got an exciting twist when Al Roker surprised San Antonio residents Ramos and Williams.

After COVID-19 hit the San Antonio area, Ramos decided to turn R3 into a food pantry. Ramos explains that “We are feeding people 3 times a week out of our center. To date, we have served over 4,000 meals,”

While Ramos has turned his nonprofit into a food pantry, Williams, a volunteer at R3, has been cooking each day. Sometimes she spends between 10 to 13 hours a day preparing food to feed people in need through the San Antonio Food Bank. Even though Williams has been forced to close her own business due to the coronavirus outbreak, she continues to volunteer and support the residents of San Antonio.

Williams explains that “[She has] tried unemployment. I have tried the SBA loan. And unfortunately, none of those things have panned out as of yet.”

“We wanted to do something for you to help you continue your mission. If you could do me a favor, head to your front doors,” said Roker during a live interview on the Today Show on Thursday morning. Both opened their doors to find Walmart employees holding bags of groceries worth thousands of dollars.

“Oh my god!!! Oh my god! They’re everywhere!” exclaimed Williams.

Ramos and Williams have already shared some of their groceries with several other families in need. This generous contribution from Al Roker will hopefully help Williams and Ramos to continue supporting their San Antonio community during these uncertain times.