San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan won’t be joining the Spurs in Orlando when the NBA restarts. News just came out that the assistant coach and popular franchise head of the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan, does not plan to join his team in Florida once the basketball season restarts. As Duncan stays behind, the Spurs will enter into an interesting season.

Many have been wondering which Spurs coaches and players would be attending the NBA’s Walt Disney World Bubble in Orlando, FL. Gregg Popovich, who is the head coach of the team has decided to join, although many were unsure if he would since his age puts him at risk for COVID-19. However, LaMarcus Aldridge and Tim Duncan stay behind in San Antonio. Aldridge plans to stay in Texas to rehabilitate after his shoulder surgery, while Duncan will stay behind to oversee the rehabilitation program.

Tim Duncan took his new post as assistant coach of the Spurs instead of being on the court and functioned well as he provided expert guidance to many of the Spurs younger, but hungry, and quickly developing players. His training and knowledge of the game’s intricacies have been a welcomed addition as the team navigates the ups and downs of a season.

According to Don Harris, News 4 San Antonio sports director and anchor, Duncan won’t enter the NBA’s Bubble. According to his Duncan’s tweet, he  was selected as one of the many Spurs staffers to stay behind in San Antonio to oversee the rehabilitation program for the recovering Aldridge.

During last season, Duncan was put in a position to step up for head coach Gregg Popovich who had to sit out due to personal business reasons. Duncan coached his team against the Charlotte Hornets and led them to an exciting one-point victory.

At that time, COVID-19 was not a concern or priority. However, now the deadly virus has backed the NBA into a confined corner for an extended amount of time, and as Duncan stays behind, he is left in a difficult position. There isn’t long until NBA games resume once again, and the count down is on to see how the Spurs hold up without Duncan.