This month, San Antonio will bear the distinction of hosting the world’s biggest bounce house. Yes, you read that right. Say it with me now: World’s. Biggest. Bounce house. Does anything about that sound bad? Of course it doesn’t – this is Texas. We like our houses bouncy and big. Bounciest and biggest, in fact. Don’t miss this opportunity to show gravity who’s boss and enjoy one of the great wonders of the world right here in San Antonio.

Big Bounce America will bring the biggest bounce house in the world to the Wheatley Heights Sports Complex from October 19 to 21. The Big Bounce America is 10,000 square feet of inflatable fun for the whole family. The huge bounce house is more like an inflatable park than a b house, featuring basketball hoops, slides, an obstacle course, and even a DJ booth with lights and sound system. There are different zones for kids including the “Lil’ Bouncer” area which offers are more peaceful and less lively area for little tykes, and a 2,000-square foot domed ball pit.

Aside from the world’s biggest bounce house, Big Bounce America also includes plenty of outdoor fun like cornhole, sack races, lawn darts, and more. There are even competitions like the Ninja Run obstacle course and mazes for those looking for a challenge.

Tickets to the Big Bounce start at $12 for kids ages 3 and under and go up to $21 for adults. There are for types of sessions available: Toddler Sessions, Junior Sessions, Bigger Kids Sessions, and Adult Sessions, so choose your tickets wisely based on who will be joining you at the Big Bounce.

Better hurry, too – tickets sold out quickly last year. The Big Bounce will be at the Wheatley Heights Sports Complex from Friday, October 19 through Sunday, October 21 and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.