on a stick festivals you missedBy now, we’ve all learned how to march along to the beat that 2020 has created. We talk about our missed opportunities, our canceled plans, and all the weight that we accidentally gained during the bread-making phase of quarantine. Instead of contributing to the familiar cadence, The San Antonio Zoo has chosen to remix the 2020 beat and host the “On a Stick: Festivals You Missed”.

Yes, the festival is going to be as fun as it sounds. On November 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, and 15, the San Antonio Zoo plans to put on a giant festival that will encompass and put to shame all of the other festivals that the year 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic unceremoniously canceled.

All ages are welcome to participate and enjoy the quirky festival except for the one adult night (18 and up) that will be held on November 5th from 6:30 – 10:00 pm. General admission tickets will cost $25 and VIP admission will be $75 for the adult-only night. Both tickets can be purchased here. What will the On a Stick: Festival You Missed include? Zoo officials say that there will be “traditional food, adult beverages, and music reminiscent of famous events from all around the Lone Star State,” according to zoo officials.

According to popular ticket purchasing platform Eventbrite, it’s rumored that guests can expect to find classic and delicious festival food like chicken on a stick, turkey legs, corn on the cob, cotton candy, potato pancakes, apple strudel, and more at the On a Stick Festival. The festival grounds will be split up into three separate areas that the zoo is calling festival realms. Guests will be able to enjoy Zoo Fiesta, State Fair, and Croctoberfest. Each festival realm will showcase foods, beverages, and plenty of entertainment for all San Antonio residents eager to have some festival fun. Although zoo admission is required for entry, food and beverage tickets only cost $1.If you’re looking for tickets, food and drink coupons, and more information,
click here.