San Antonio Zoo Lion

Credit: San Antonio Zoo

If you’ve got a kiddo cooped up at home, or you’re interested in exotic animals yourself, you can take a trip to the zoo right from the comfort of your own screen. The San Antonio Zoo has recently updated their website with a ton of fantastic video programs. You’ll feel like you’re at the zoo observing all the wonderment firsthand!

One of the categories of videos is called “Animal Chats.” These videos, conducted by the zookeepers themselves, will bring you even closer to the action than if you were there. They give you a behind the scenes in-depth look at how the animals spend their days through the perspective of those closest to them. Tune in for Wylie the capuchin monkey’s 20th birthday party, or afternoon playtime with baby jaguars.

In the “Nature Education” category, you’ll find clips that walk you through anything from insect races to craft projects. These videos also feature San Antonio Zoo employees, allowing you to get to know the inner workings of the zoo and its community.

Another awesome option within San Antonio Zoo’s virtual offerings is “Zoo Zen.” These videos let you follow along with a yoga instructor in a variety of picturesque settings around the zoo. Practice your downward dog while viewing downward bears, monkeys and flamingos. This section may be best suited for adults; however, most of these classes are at a beginner level, allowing the whole family to join in.

Beyond the recorded videos are live cams that stream right from the site. Currently shown is the tree habitat of kangaroos Omeo and Libby, as well as the captivating darkness of the neon moon jellyfish’s aquarium.

The San Antonio Zoo posts all kinds of content quite often, ensuring there’s something new to learn every time you visit the site. Enjoy the wild outdoors inside your own home with the help of the San Antonio Zoo’s virtual resources.

When the Zoo finally opens back up, make sure to visit our guide for San Antonio Zoo discounts!