best christmas lights in san antonio


2020 didn’t go according to schedule. Now that we’re in 2021, this pattern of unconventionality keeps repeating — in some cases, to our benefit. 

If you’re someone who looks forward to San Antonio’s holiday lights every year, then you’re in luck! The River Walk’s holiday lights went up early last holiday season, and are set to remain up for a little longer this year. 

Just recently, the San Antonio River Walk Association has made the decision to keep its 100,000 lights up all the way through Valentine’s Day. They’ll continue to shine as they have been for the past few months — from dusk to dawn. 

The early introduction last year was led by an effort to boost morale. 2020 was a hard year for most, and this was an attempt by the San Antonio River Walk Association to spread more love and light throughout the city. 

The decision to keep the lights up is fueled by the same sentiment. Besides, after one of the weirdest and wackiest years yet, why not keep them up? This atypical move only seems appropriate. 

The San Antonio River Walk lights usually make their final appearance on New Year’s Day. With that being said, this has not always been the case over the years. 

Who knows — maybe 2021 will set a new precedent for how San Antonio celebrates the holidays! We’ll have to wait to see if this extended window is the new normal. Until then, we can all enjoy a little extra time with one of San Antonio’s most magical traditions.