There’s a new phone scam in Bexar County that many people have reported. As this phone scam continues to bother those in the hill country area, The Bexar County Environmental Services Department has come forward to educate the public about the scam, while also warning them.

The County states that they will not call residents to demand payments, contrary to whatever the phone scam may try to convince you of.

Unfortunately, the department has received many calls and reports regarding this strange scam and the violations it produces.

County officials say the caller will cold call people and then offer them a falsfied confirmation number. Then, the resident is asked to call a 1-800 number to pay the county.

Bexar County has been vocal about the fact that they do not now, and have not in the past contacted residents by phone to demand payment.

Andrew Winter, the environmental services director of Bexar county explains that, “Our policy is to always try to work together with the property owner to ensure compliance. Any payment request would originate from the courts, should the owner choose not to comply,”

Phone scams are not only annoying but can also be very dangerous. Those who do not know the county’s policy could easily end up paying money to someone who is pretending to act under the authority of the county. Thankfully, there have been many concerned Bexar residents who have dutifully contacted the county to report the phony scam.

For those who have already received the scam call and ignored it, keep on doing so. However, if someone who has received a call like this from a phone scammer, and has questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to call the Bexar County Environmental Services Department. They can be reached at 210-335-6700 or email Code Compliance at co************@be***.org.