The San Antonio Business Journal talks to San Antonio mom bloggers about the business of blogging

{photo credit: San Antonio Business Journal]

Did you read the September 27 issue of the San Antonio Business Journal? It included a comprehensive feature in the Personal Finance and Money Management section about the business of blogging. If you missed it, never fear. The Business Journal just released the articles online for all (not just subscribers) to read.

The section included interviews with me, Debi Pfitzenmaier, Amy Johnson, and Melissa Leddy (who I’ve never met, but very much would like to)  about our blogs and how we view them (or not) as businesses. The topics covered in our interviews relate to many of the conversations bloggers, both locally and nationally, are having today, including how we work with brands, whether or not a blogger can make a full-time salary through blogging, and how to select the right opportunities to grow your blog.

I hope you’ll click through to read the articles and come back here to share your thoughts. Is your blog a business? Why or why not? Do you insist on getting paid to work with brands or do you have other goals, beyond making money, that you want to reach with your blog?

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