Great Springs trail benefits

Great Springs trail will also bring significant economic benefits      Image Courtesy – Great Springs Trail Facebook Page

Great Springs project, the 100 mile nature trail proposing to connect San Antonio and Austin recently presented an Economic Benefits report. The report outlines cost savings across various areas including economic, environmental, transportation and health and adds up to over $55M annually!

Great Springs Trail Benefits – Additional Details

The report was generated under the Alta Planning + Design expert’s guidance and according to the report, the proposed trail system and the land conservation efforts associated with it can generate annual benefits of $55.9 million. The categories around which these advantages revolve include,

  • Economy ($23.3 million): It includes the projected spending from non-local visitors to trail on various services, goods, and accommodation.
  • Land and Water ($19.2 million): It comprises environmental benefits such as land and water conservation and carbon sequestration advantages resulting from land conservation. Approximately 50,000 acres of land will be conserved because of this project.
  • Transportation ($11.4 million): This one involves the significant reduction in the miles traveled and the subsequent decrease in collisions, congestion, emissions, and road maintenance costs.
  • Heath ($1.8 million): The trail will also promote physical activities and help reduce healthcare costs.

In addition to the above, the report talks about the use of strategic land conservation and its instrumental role in reducing catastrophic damages resulting from floods, which can save millions of dollars annually for Texans. The state projects $31.5 billion statewide flood mitigation costs over the next decade.

According to Garry Merritt, Great Springs Project CEO, the report is “an important tool that illustrates the substantial return on investment for cities, counties, river authorities, and other agencies that are building trails and parks and protecting open space in the San Antonio-Austin corridor.”

Click here to view the report.

About the Great Springs Trail

The Great Springs Trail is a 100-mile nature trail from San Antonio to Austin, Texas. The project that was launched in 2018 will create a hiking and biking trail that connects Texas Capitol to San Antonio. Along the way, the trail also connects Barton Springs, the Comal River, the San Marcos River, and San Antonio Springs. According to researchers, the project will add more sustainability to the springs in the hill country. To know more, click here.


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