texas bar openAs bar owners anxiously await word from the governor on when they can reopen, the Texas Bar and Nightclub Association (TBNA) is encouraging local bars to shake the dust off and practice opening up this evening.

The TBNA is trying to convince bars to unboard windows, turn on lights and music, and bring employees in from 6-10 pm tonight to practice opening. The goal is to dust off the cobwebs and prepare staff for reopening under new conditions, and presumably help ease the public into feeling like it’s safe to go out.

Note, the TBNA is not advocating that local bars allow in customers tonight. These would be employee-only soft openings. But this would allow the bars to be ready to hit the ground running once Governor Abbott gives the word.

The TBNA has laid out a reopening plan in a letter to the governor and would like bars to start practicing, The plan includes implementing extra door staff, plastic-ware, masks for all staff, additional tables and chairs to help with social distancing, and limited capacity.

The industry anxiously awaits a response from the governor, but no word yet on when that’s coming.

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