Taco Cabana sales increase as dining rooms close. As the fast-food Mexican chain closes its doors to the public and only serve customers through the drive-thru to promote the health and safety of their employees and customers, their sales continue to rise. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to shape the world in which we all live and eat, the old adage rings true that the only certainty is that nothing remains certain.

Dallas-based Fiesta Restaurant Group Inc. owns both Taco Cabana and Pollo Tropical recently released some interesting data filed Thursday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that confirms a sale increase with dining rooms being closed.

Fiesta President and CEO Richard Stockinger said that “We have been taking ongoing steps to ensure a safe operating environment throughout this crisis,” Stockinger said. “We will continue to operate our restaurants for drive-thru, delivery and pickup, and we are accelerating efforts to better enable our customers to enjoy our brands safely and conveniently across all channels — wherever and whenever they choose.”

The company, alongside many other restaurants chose to close its dining rooms July 12. The increase in sales may be partially attributed to the new services that the food joints have rolled out during quarantine. Since the month of July, curbside pickup and delivery of alcoholic beverages in Taco Cabana’s Houston and San Antonio stores is now possible.

While Taco Cabana’s sales fell 26.2% last April, sales also improved during May, but then fell down to 18% in June. The world in which coronavirus dictates what can and cannot be open and accessible to the public is definitely one that is not only plagued with illness and fear, but also uncertainty. The economy and restaurant industry is not immune to the unknowns that the rest of the world is currently struggling to navigate.

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