americans happier less worried

Just as Texas moves into phase two of the reopening, a new Gallup survey has come out showing that overall, Americans are now worrying less about coronavirus. According to the survey, fewer than half (47%) of Americans say they worried a lot yesterday about the pandemic. This is down from 59% earlier in the pandemic.

Other interesting findings from the survey include:

  • 41% say they feel boredom, down from 46%
  • 72% of Americans say they’re now happy, as opposed to 67% before
  • Loneliness has stayed pretty steady, with 24% saying they’re still feeling lonely during “a lot of the day yesterday”

The report goes on to break down responses by demographics. Here is some interesting info in that regard:

  • Adults with household incomes under $36,000 are more likely to experience negative emotions listed in the survey compared to those in higher income brackets
  • In general, Democrats report less happiness and more loneliness and worry than Republicans
  • Single and divorced Americans are less happy and worry more than married or widowed
  • Men are less likely to report loneliness or happiness than women

These results come as Texas restaurants increase capacity, bars are allowed to reopen, and life begins to return to a new sort of normal.



Lynn Miller