No, you didn’t misread that. Starburst has decided to release a package of the most favored flavor of all their sugary fruit chews. On Tuesday, Starburst announced that its well-received “All Pink” pack will be offered in stores permanently. To celebrate this exciting news, Starburst also released a self-care kit that they promise customers will love. 

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that the brand has taken advantage of the wild popularity of the “I am a pink starburst” meme that has confirmed and further solidified Starburst’s favorite flavor and the culture around the pink starburst being a continuous treat. In 2018, Starburst capitalized on the campaign by rolling out an All Pink merchandise line that sported the pink starburst label on the sleeve.

Starburst’s new self-care kit will complete with a gratitude journal, a yoga towel, jade roller, coloring book, shower steamer, a sleep mask, a tumbler, and delicious pink-colored candy. These self-care kits filled with relaxing and useful amenities can be purchased for $.99 cents while supplies last.

Justin Hollyn-Taub, Director of Fruit Snacks says, “We want to celebrate the positivity and empowering message All Pink has come to stand for over the years. We recognize that our day-to-day lives have changed quite a bit this year — and we want to use this as an opportunity to encourage our fans to practice self-care.”

The self-care packs have hit many major retailers across the nation and don’t seem to be losing popularity anytime soon. According to the website, the first round of the popular kits is sold out. However, Starburst fans can still get the chance to buy one by staying current and up to date on all of Starburst’s social media channels and using the hashtag #StarburstAllPink. New information about restocking will also be updated on their website.