starbucks happy hour

Sometimes you just need a good latte and with the workweek dragging on Thursdays are the perfect day to treat yourself.



Well now you can get that afternoon pick-me-up for you and a friend because Starbucks is introducing their BOGO offer on select Thursdays this year!

Sometimes all you can do is look forward to the weekend. We get it, after a long week Friday just never looked so good. Well now you can look forward to Thursdays too because Starbucks is offering buy one get on free on handcrafted drinks that are grande or larger.

All you’ll need to do to claim your discount is download the Starbucks app!

The app is 100% essential in retrieving your BOGO offer. The app is available to download from all major app stores for free.

Another perk to having the Starbucks app is that you get points for the food and drinks you buy then earn points towards free drinks. While it’s free to become a member it’s not necessary to get your BOGO offer but why not rake up the points on the happy hour days?



So, when does this exciting BOGO happen? Starbucks Happy Hour will take place on select Thursdays throughout the year. So far there have been two in the month of January.

Now that you’ve downloaded the Starbucks app and know what day to arrive, just make sure to go between the hours of 2 pm to 7 pm so you don’t miss your discount!

The only trick to Starbucks Happy Hour this year is that they’re not announcing the days on which happy hour will be held in advance. So, make sure to check your Starbucks app for updates or keep a lookout for their emails.


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