This summer when you’re looking for ways to keep your kids cool and entertained, and yourself sane, be sure to attend both of these free shows at one of many San Antonio library branches.

magic show for kids to get them excited about reading with Mike Cruz

Mike Cruz, aka Spikey Mikey, blends comedy and magic to get kids excited about reading. I’ve seen his show several times over the years and, while he changes it up a bit to keep his ever-growing audience interested, he always cracks me up. I mean, he cracks my kids up. OK. Cat’s out of the bag: I love Spikey Mikey’s comedic bits as much as (OK! Maybe more than!) my kids do. I always end up wiping away tears from laughing so hard.

As it turns out, I used to work with Mike Cruz at a software company many years ago so I know him personally. In my kids’ star-struck eyes that makes me pretty dang cool. Hey, I’ll take my street cred where I can get it. If you see me at a show, hit me up when I’m hanging with the other Spikey Mikey groupies and maybe I can get you–I mean, your kid–an autograph.

Go early to get a seat. Spikey Mikey performances fill up. FAST.

Spikey Mikey dates and locations for Summer 2013 San Antonio Library Shows

Dinosaur George gives free shows at San Antonio branch libraries this summer in San Antonio

Every bit as funny as Spikey Mikey and filled to bursting with an incredible knowledge of dinosaurs and ancient history, Dinosaur George continually delights audiences (including over 2 million school children and counting!).

My favorite parts of Dinosaur George shows are when he asks the audience questions and kids, especially dinosaur enthusiasts, shout out the answers. I’ve seen children as young as three respond with dinosaur names that routinely contain more syllables than the child has had years on earth! Dinosaur lovers are a hardcore bunch, but even those who aren’t dinosaur devotees will love George Blasing’s fun and educational performances. The legend is true: Dinosaur George shows breed dinosaur fans.

Dinosaur George dates and locations for Summer 2013 San Antonio Library Shows