Spare Parts

As any artist or craft enthusiast knows, buying supplies can get incredibly expensive very quickly. What’s more, there aren’t always a lot of options when it comes to recycling or sharing unwanted or leftover materials. That is, until now. 

San Antonio has recently welcomed the addition of Spare Parts’ brick-and-mortar store. The organization, known for facilitating connections between artists, is now making big moves in making supplies accessible. With its brand-new store, Spare Parts can carry its message and pursue its mission more than ever before! 

Located on the north side at the Downtown Wetmore Shopping Center, the brick-and-mortar carries everything from fine art materials to office supplies and everything in between. The non-profit aims to support visual creatives in whatever their practice may be. Makers of all modes and mediums are encouraged to stop by!

This new business is also a great resource for educators. Times are tough, and unfortunately, educators are often underfunded. Spare Parts plans on carrying tons of lightly used school supplies and other materials that can be used in an educational setting. 

Because of the pandemic, Spare Parts has been careful to monitor in-person visits. The store instructs customers to make in-store shopping appointments in advance by signing up for specific time slots. This weekend, the store is hosting an in-person shopping event. If you’d like to check out its offerings, make sure to save your spot ahead of time

If you’d rather skip in-person shopping, you still have options in perusing Spare Parts’ variety of treasures. The organization has an online shopping portal and allows for curbside pick-up. 

Is your art studio is all set up? You can also show support by making material or monetary donations. This is a great way to assist in Spare Parts’ mission towards sustainability and affordable art-making. To donate, you can set up an appointment with the store, located at 13491 Wetmore Rd.