Due to COVID-19, many people have taken up new hobbies that are either keeping them entertained during quarantine or are safer to practice in light of the social distancing guidelines. One such hobby that’s gotten popular is skydiving. Are you looking to free-fall up to 120 miles per hour before landing back on the ground? If you’re ready to jump out of a perfectly good plane, you’re in luck because Skydive Center San Antonio and Groupon are pairing up to offer some excellent discounts.

Along with the extreme adrenalin rush that this once in a lifetime opportunity provides, there’s much more than Groupon and Skydive center has partnered up to bring their clients. There is a 30-minute pre-flight instruction session, up to 40-second freefall, 4- to 7-minute parachute ride that is all offered in one package through the Skydive Center Typically, One Tandem Skydiving Jump for One is valued at $299, but is on sale for $119, making it 60% off. Groupon is also offering $100 Toward Tandem Skydiving of unlimited purchases. Normally, this costs the diver $100, however, it’s on sale for $49, making it 51% off.

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Skydive Center San Antonio is a popular skydiving center in the hill country. Each diver is tethered to an instructor to ensure maximum safety. While diving, participants will be able to see gorgeous, scenic views of the Hill Country of Texas and San Antonio. Anyone, from the most experienced skydiver to those that are looking to schedule their first jump, is welcome to contact Skydive Center San Antonio and take them up on these awesome deals. The staff at Skydive Center San Antonio also offers Accelerated Freefall Program (AFP) for those who are interested in making the jump alone. If you’re looking for a fun, exciting activity to explore during COVID-19, skydiving is an atypical and adventurous way to experience something new.

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