sitterstreamWith many businesses and all schools remaining closed for at least two more weeks, many parents will still be home with their kids in home 24/7. Many of these parents still need to work, take calls, exercise, etc. However, getting a traditional babysitter or other form of childcare may not be an option.

Enter SitterStream. The company provides 30 minute and 60 minute FaceTime or Zoom babysitting sessions. Sessions are described as “fun and engaging for kids.”

Since babysitters aren’t physically present with your children, the company requires someone to be home with the children. However, the virtual babysitters can keep your children engaged long enough for you exercise, take a call, or simply have an hour or so to decompress and catch your breath in piece.

30 minute sessions run $15, while one hour bookings are $22. You can also sign up for a monthly membership at $19.99 per month to receive discounted rates.

Babysitters are issued background checks and consist of everyone from college students to business professionals.

Think SitterStream might be helpful? You can learn more about it here.