10 years ago I married my love on the beach at Trunk Bay in the Virgin Islands

What’s simpler than saying, “I do,” to the man you love on a sugar-sand beach in the Virgin Islands?

Ten years ago today, I married the love of my life. We opted for a simple beach wedding, just the two of us, on the island of St. John. The day we got married was overcast and gray, not at all the vibrantly-colored, picture-perfect day I’d ordered. But we went for it. And within a few minutes of saying our vows, the sun burst forth for the first (and last) time that day, providing us with a stunning sunset we’ll always treasure.

My bouquet for our wedding on the island of St. John in the Virgin Islands

He still makes me laugh. He still treats me like a princess. I still get lost in his coffee-brown eyes (when he isn’t shy about letting me stare into them). He supports me in whatever I do, unconditionally. He is a loving father who inspires our children’s imaginations and indulges them in their dreams.

Marriage isn’t always easy. In ten years, we’ve learned that. We’ve had to work at it sometimes. We’ve made compromises. We’ve seen dark days together. But we’ve also recommitted to loving each other for the sake of ourselves as much as for our children. I love this man with all of my heart.

This past August, we traveled back to St. John for the first time since our wedding/honeymoon. It was also the first time we’d ever left our kids for a week. And, as much as I’d worried about leaving our kids for so long, this trip was exactly what we needed.

Overlooking Coral Bay in St. John, USVI from Chateaux Bordeaux

We laughed. We reconnected. We read. We snorkeled. We ate and drank (with abandon!). We slept in. We swam. We explored the island. And we talked.

We spent an afternoon on Angel's Rest, a floating bar in Coral Bay, St. John, USVI

It was glorious. No interruptions. No schedules. No responsibilities. Taking a week-long trip with your spouse? HIGHLY recommended.

returning to the scene of the crime, Trunk Bay ten years after our wedding there

And our kids had a blast with their aunt, uncle, and cousins. They enjoyed staying up late during their week-long slumber party, watching shows they don’t normally get to see at home, attending art camps, and swimming with their auntie. Kids need a break from us as much as we can use one from them every now and again. I never understood this until I saw how beneficial it was for all of us to spend some time apart. And, look, they missed us as much as we missed them!

Our kids missed us as much as we missed them

I’m honored and blessed to be spending this day with the man I love, who, knowing how crazy, controlling, and weird I am, loved me enough to marry me anyway. And, he’s stuck with it for 10 years! There should be a special award for the guy who voluntarily puts up with my nuttiness every day. But, true to form, he didn’t get a medal and,  instead, gave me flowers and See’s Candies. He knows me, this man. And he loves me anyway. Happy 10th anniversary, honey!

Visit Flickr for a full set of our 10th anniversary St. John trip photos.

The flowers my husband gave me on our 10th anniversary: 10 roses for 10 married years and three sunflowers for our first three years together

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