There are two storms expected to make landfall somewhere around East Texas and Louisiana this week, and as a result, the state is creating two evacuee shelters. San Antonio is home to one of them.

A coronavirus medical facility in San Antonio will be used to create a shelter, according to Governor Greg Abbott. The Governor also declared a state of disaster in advance of the storms for 23 counties across Texas, including Bexar County.

The Texas Department of Emergency Management said the Alamo Regional Command Center will assist with various resources such as hygiene, shelter, and fuel.

The first of the two storms, Marco, should land in Louisiana Tuesday, and then move into East Texas. The second tropical storm, which is expected to become a hurricane, will either land somewhere near Galveston or on the border of Texas and Louisiana, depending on what happens in the hear future. At the time of writing of this article, it’s still uncertain.

As for how the weather will affect the San Antonio area, at this time there doesn’t appear to be much of an impact expected.