Disclosure: I was hired by See’s Candies and received compensation to invite local bloggers to attend a preview of the new See’s Candies store in San Antonio. I attended the event and received free candy and a book about See’s. I was not asked to write about, or photograph, my experience. All opinions are my own.

See’s Candies graciously invited a group of San Antonio bloggers to preview their first shop in town before their grand opening today at North Star Mall.

The 91-year-old company, whose traditional approach to making delicious candy with the freshest available ingredients, has grown their business from Los Angeles to over 200 shops around the country. Today’s grand opening celebration at North Star Mall includes a spinning prize wheel and free candy to all who stop by.

With over 200 shops nationwide, See’s Candies was founded in 1921 in Los Angeles by Charles A. See. He used his mother, Mary’s, candy recipes and, even today, See’s Candies shops are modeled after Mary’s black and white kitchen in her Pasadena home.

Using only the freshest ingredients–including butter, cream, and sugar–and no preservatives, See’s Candies are also gluten free and free of all dyes and artificial colors.

Fun Facts:

* Some of Mary See’s candy recipes are still used today.
* See’s sells 31 million pounds of candy (and 1 billion pieces) each year.
* Each visitor to a See’s shop receives one free sample at every visit. The company gives away 1 million pieces of candy each year!
* In the 1920s and 30s See’s Candies delivered boxes of chocolates by motorcycle (See’s owned both Indian and Harley Davidson motorcycles) to Hollywood starlets. Hugh Fry, a See’s shipping clerk, would hop on the bike and zoom around the bustling and thriving town of Hollywood, delivering delicious See’s Candies.

See’s Candies has another tie to Hollywood. Remember the famous candy conveyor belt scene in an episode of I Love Lucy? It was filmed at a See’s Candies plant in La Cienega, California. Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance spent half a day with See’s Candies employees, learning the ropes of how to pack candy. The scene they filmed is the most famous in the history of the show. See’s Candies employees still pack candy by hand to this day, just like Lucy and Ethel did!

San Antonio bloggers got the chance to compete against each other to see who could pack candy the fastest as they imitated the way Lucy and Ethel packed candy on that memorable TV episode. It goes without saying that while hairnets don’t seem to do much for any of us bloggers, the competition was fierce but friendly and the chocolates were incredible.

Visit the San Antonio Mom Blogs Facebook page for the full set of photos from the San Antonio Bloggers’ Preview Night at See’s Candies.

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