Teachers, doctors, and nurses can save 25% on their AT&T Bill. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies and businesses went above and beyond to extend special benefits or discounts to the essential and frontline workers that were assisting in the fight of the pandemic. While many of us were able to stay home and catch up on the latest Netflix show, many teachers, doctors, and nurses were working hard to help patients and students that tested positive.

As states begin to reopen, AT&T, the giant cellular company has offered teachers, doctors, and nurses, the opportunity to save 25% on their AT&T bill. As of Friday, July 10th, AT&T added the aforementioned positions to its list of customers eligible for “Appreciation” discounts. This list was formerly comprised of members of the military and veterans.  This discount applies to new and existing customers that use AT&T’s Unlimited Starter, Extra and Elite wireless plans.

Below is a breakdown of how AT&T determines eligibility for the 25% discount:

Teachers: New and existing customers that are Kindergarten through post-secondary teachers, professors, instructors, and their families can take advantage of the appreciation offer.

Nurses and Physicians: New and existing customers that are nurses, physicians, physician assistants and their families can benefit from the appreciation offer.

First responders: employees of emergency management agencies, emergency medical services, fire departments, law enforcement, “public safety answering points,” as well as veterans and active military members will remain eligible.

You can sign up as a new customer or register your existing account on AT&T’s website and check your eligibility. However, in order to receive the 25% discount, AT&T requires proof of your employment status within two weeks.

AT&T asks teachers for “[an] unexpired employee ID, paystub within last 30 days, employment letter within last 30 days, or state license/certification.” Being required to use paperless billing and autopay is also a stipulation of the program.

AT&T also warns eligible customers that it may take a few billing cycles for the discount to show up on your bill. However, customers will receive a “catch up” credit that will cover the time for which customers were eligible for the discount and were still being charged a full rate.