Central Market’s 25th Annual Hatch Chile Fest is here until August 25. Throughout this three-week period, San Antonio’s H-E-B and Central Market in San Antonio will be selling Hatch Chiles of all varieties, shapes, and sizes. Hatch Chiles are some of the most beloved and tasty peppers, according to Texans- beloved and tasty enough to even have their own annual festival.

H-E-B, Central Market’s parent company, isn’t stopping with an extra week added to their Hatch Chile Fest. There will be over 20 H-E-B locations around the San Antonio, Texas area that will have Hatch Chile roasters that will service in-store and curbside pickup orders. You can find a full list of participating H-E-B locations at heb.com.

Hatch Chiles are harvested from the Hatch Valley of New Mexico and are well known for a rich, smoky green flavor that explodes when it is fire-roasted. Central Market is going crazy for Hatch. According to a media release, the grocery chain is shipping in more than 235,000 pounds of peppers this year for the Hatch Chile Fest. That makes them the largest retailer in Texas of New Mexico-made peppers, and they aren’t stopping there. Central Market is also offering a multitude of Hatch dishes such as chile-infused baked goods, prepared meals, mealtime entrees, and side dishes.

While all of these creations sound delicious to a spicy-tonged shopper, true Hatch fans should be on the lookout for the grocery chain’s newest releases: Hatch Chile kettle corn, Hatch jerky, brand new salsas, Hatch jerky and even new baking mixes made with Hatch flavor.

Do all those Hatch infused foods sound like enough to you? They didn’t to Central Market either. In addition to the fresh and fire-roasted chiles available in-store, Central Market is also selling Hatch guacamole, Hatch crab cakes, Hatch chile and chicken tamales, Hatch pepper pimento mac and cheese, Hatch pepper tortillas, Hatch lime pound cake and, if you can believe it, even more.