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Update! The San Antonio Zoo is adding more drive-thru dates beginning July 12. The zoo will also remain open for standard foot traffic with social distancing measures in place, giving families the option to choose whichever makes them feel safest.

“Drive Thru Zoo has allowed families the opportunity to see the zoo in a unique way while creating new memories. While some guests wish to get outside and connect with nature, our zoo has enhanced safety measures in place to provide a safe and fun experience for all, no matter which way they choose to enjoy the zoo,” Zoo President and CEO Tim Morrow said in a statement.

The San Antonio Zoo drive-thru idea was a big hit when they began selling tickets. Because the event was so popular, the San Antonio Zoo drive-thru has decided to add more dates to the calendar. Tickets for the drive-thru San Antonio Zoo sold out in two hours after they received large amounts of interest. But if you missed the first round, don’t worry. You have another opportunity to take part in a fun and rare event.

The zoo announced a drive-thru alternative to see the animals on Thursday afternoon, April 30th. Since the zoo was closed due to the pandemic, the drive-thru was originally only planned for thw weekend. However, because of the overwhelming interest the zoo has gotten about a drive-thru safari, they’ve decided to add new dates. And now, even after reopening, they’ve added even more dates beginning July 12th.

Additional tour dates will come at a higher price. Guests who are not annual pass holders will pay $65 per car. While the price for the extended dates are more than the original tickets, it may be worth it if you and your family are looking for a creative and unique way to have some weekend fun.

There are some vehicle size limitations in place to ensure cars can journey through the zoo safely. The San Antonio Zoo says cars as big as the approximate size of a Chevy Tahoe should fit. Exact specifications are 198 inches long, 78 inches wide and 76 inches high.

The zoo’s website states that the drive-thru tour will include a guided educational audio tour and curbside food and beverage options.

Proceeds from the drive-thru zoo will go directly to the care of the animals within the zoo during their closure.

Tickets can be purchased here.

More info about how to save at the zoo can be found here