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How would your life change if you stopped wondering, “What if?” and instead, started focusing on the power you have to create your own life through the choices you make? Autumn Becerra, owner of All Seasons Cleaning and Organizing, has done exactly that, and because of that choice, has created a life and career that she is proud of.

Before starting her home cleaning and organizing company in 2015, Autumn was a stay-at-home mom. She wanted to get back to work, but doubted her ability to land a job due to the huge gap in her work history. Then she discovered her cleaning and organizing talent.

I began with a few cleaning jobs, and after several referrals from friends and family, I decided to make this an official business. Now, I have clients that I work for weekly,” explains Autumn.

For Autumn, making the rules for her own company has been beneficial, but challenging. For example, Autumn explains that, “the risk of failure and the weight of 100 percent responsibility” often bring great amounts of stress. As is the case with most entrepreneurs, however, being her own boss makes it all worth it.

The flexibility allows me to choose my own schedule so I can spend time with my family and pursue my business management degree at the same time. I love the power and freedom that I have to bring my strategies to clients. It’s extremely rewarding to the soul.”

Autumn understands the risk of failure that comes with the journey, but keeps her head held high while she learns the ropes. She’s also thankful for the help she’s received along the way, most recently from a company named Zaarly. Zaarly is an exclusive home service marketplace company that connects homeowners to local businesses that have been handpicked for quality and reliability.

Zaarly has supported me every step of the way. I’m in constant communication with their team. They take time to get to know each person they’ve invited on board and provide so much confidence for our customers,” says Autumn.

Through the ups, downs, challenges, and friends she’s made along the way, Autumn ultimately tries to set a good example for her children and female peers.

I want my daughter to know that she has the choice to do anything she sets her mind to. Being a female in this industry is empowering. If you have an idea, then pursue it without second guessing.”

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