San Antonio Sports has launched its digital fitness initiative to help people stay healthy during the pandemic. Their initiative called “Stay Active. Stay Healthy” is comprised of resources like workout classes, fitness challenges, skill training, and more to help San Antonio residents remain active.

No one is arguing that a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important things to maintain amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. A healthy lifestyle promotes a healthy immune system and can help safeguard against, disease, depression, and anxiety in a time when many of these things are running rampant. That’s why the local nonprofit San Antonio Sports has launched their new digital initiative.

San Antonio Sports’ Director of Youth and Community Programs, Mandy Adkins, said that their nonprofit is doing their best to support a healthy lifestyle for those who are staying at home. She explains,

“Once Covid-19 happened and things started shutting down and social distancing came into play, we realized the need for physical activity doesn’t go away,” Adkins said. “And we just had to rethink, ‘How do we offer that opportunity to families but from the comfort of their own home?’ That’s how we decided to provide the resources that we have online to hopefully still offer those opportunities to families to get them active together.”

For that reason, the program features is a ‘Fit Family Challenge Home Edition’ which comes with a 12-week fitness challenge that has already gotten over 7,000 views in only two months.  There is a strong possibility that the online wellness addition will become a permanent part of the new initiative. There are also many free online health and wellness resources that are made up of sport-specific videos for grade school-aged children to help promote an active lifestyle for kids who have to stay home.

One of the more notable endorsements for the initiative comes from Kendra Chambers, a professional USA track & field athlete. She is a hopeful candidate for the 2021 Olympics as well as a San Antonio Sports partner. Kendra claims that sports programming that is centered on young athletes and keeping them involved is vital.

Anyone who is interested can explore all of the ‘Stay Active. Stay Healthy’ resources on the San Antonio Sports website.