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U.S. unemployment rates have been soaring amid the coronavirus pandemic. While this isn’t particularly good news for anyone, it’s also difficult for first-time job hunters. As they search for locations with high rankings, a helpful resource is one that ranks San Antonio among one of the best city to launch your career in.

The report was released May 20th by LinkedIn, a career building website. The report places San Antonio as number 13 on a list of places throughout the country that are well suited for new college graduates who are beginning their job hunt.  As the list is released, it’s no surprise that recent grads are entering a job market that’s, “shaping up to become one of the worst in recent memory,” according to The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit news outlet that discusses education.

LinkedIn weighed affordable rent, good starting salaries, and job availability when making its list.

San Antonio’s median rent is at $1,219 per month (which applies to all types and sizes of rental properties), LinkedIn says that San Antonio’s median annual salary for entry-level “career starter” jobs is $59,900.

Two other large Texas cities also appeared in the top 15:

  • Houston ranked at number 10, where the median rent was $1,377 and the entry-level salary was $69,800
  • No. 15 Dallas-Fort Worth was on the list at number 15 with a median rent of $1,423 and an entry-level salary of $65,300

As San Antonio ranks as one of the best cities to launch your career in, Austin, a city in Texas that is a consistent magnet for recent graduates, failed to make the LinkedIn list.

LinedIn explains that “What you [also] won’t find on this list are the traditional coastal job magnets — New York, the Washington, D.C. area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles, those cities may still offer some of the highest starting salaries, but their sky-high rents mean income doesn’t stretch nearly as far.”

The top occupations in the metropolitan areas on LinkedIn’s list are software engineer, registered nurse, teacher, project manager, project engineer, consultant, and analyst.

While it may be difficult to find those jobs, The Conference Board, a research group that monitors business trends, says the number of new job postings in Texas declined from March, at 255,000 to 175,000 in April.

However, many new college graduates are making sacrifices to deal with current economic realities. In a survey by and Wakefield Research, 55% of graduating seniors checked that they’d applied for a job they knew wasn’t a good fit, while 52% of aforementioned graduates explained that they would accept lower salaries.