san antonio museum of art texas women

Texas Women: A New History of Art” is now open at the San Antonio Museum of Art, and plans to show viewers a side of art history they haven’t seen before.

Texas art is typically praised for being representational. To think of Texas art is to think of bluebonnets and their wildflower friends, warm landscapes, and pensive livestock. While these examples deserve a spot on our state’s artistic timeline, a rich culture based in Abstract Art has been blooming in Texas for just as long as it’s corresponding movements.

Abstract Expressionism, a mid-century art movement widely considered to be one of the most influential, has always claimed male artists as their brave victors. In reality, the presence of women in this movement was undeniably strong and immeasurably impactful, granting today’s female artists the freedom to pursue their craft with confidence. With gender equality being a prominent discussion in our country’s current dialogue, supporting women artists is now a priority of arts communities, who aim to give women their rightful place back in art history.

The San Antonio Museum of Art is no exception. Curated by Suzanne Weaver, this exhibit is the first of this size to solely celebrate women abstract artists of Texas.

The great range of this niche is shown in the variety of its 17 participating artists, displaying work from as early as the 1940s and into present day. Discover earlier representations through the jovial, geometry-heavy work of Texas staple “Toni” LaSelle. Immerse yourself in Dorothy Hood’s take on abstraction, whose oil paintings depict void-like frontiers and deal with concepts of time, space, and transcendence.

Sara Cardona, a multi-media collagist hailing from Dallas, will have you wondering what’s next for contemporary art with her energetic point of view and use of non-conventional materials.

Through the artists aforementioned as well as many others, this exhibit encourages you to feast your eyes upon a menagerie of work spanning mediums, content, and years, as well as open them to the talent that’s been hiding in the shadows.

Open until May 3rd, you have plenty of time to head to the San Antonio Museum of Art and celebrate this exciting time for Texan women in the arts. Head over during one of their free museum times or enjoy some weekend fun in San Antonio with some great art.