The San Antonio Museum of Art is hosting its Touch-Free Family Day. As COVID-19 continues to define the year 2020, many families have had to cut down on or cut out fun family-friendly activities. However, The San Antonio Museum of Art plans to host a Touch-Free Family Day. This fun artistic journey will be held on October 6th and will allow kids and parents to get out of the house, learn a few things about the art in San Antonio’s museum, and (best of all) remain safe, healthy, and responsible while doing so.

The Family Day will be an artistic journey through different regions such as Oceania, Hawaii, and Papua New Guinea. As families explore art across all of these diverse and exciting places, they’ll be exposed to fun tapa cloth-inspired collages and other captivating aspects of Oceania art. This safe and fun activity will not only help to break up the monotony of quarantine but can also be very educational for children, as well as for parents.

The San Antonio Museum of Art Touch-Free Family Day will be tomorrow, Tuesday, October 6th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The San Antonio Museum is located at  200 West Jones Ave. You can call (210) 978-8100 or visit if you have more questions about the event. Touch-free family day is also free with Museum admission. Face masks are mandatory for all museum patrons that are ages 10 and up. Students of NEISD and NISD will be able to enter the museum for free. For a limited time, the San Antonio Museum of Art is also offering 20% off membership fees by using the code “JOIN20”

The San Antonio Museum of Art has been working hard to accommodate patrons during the pandemic. To learn more about Touch-Free Family Day and the other fun and exciting socially distanced activities that the San Antonio Museum of Art has in store for its patrons, visit