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Nicole contacted me back in June to learn how she and her co-founder, Ashley, could get involved with When I learned about their blog’s compelling title, Don’t Suck Your Brother’s Toe, I clicked over as fast as I could to see what the heck that was all about. Apparently, life with a combined total of seven boys makes for pretty great blog fodder. Nicole and Ashley started blogging back in March to document all of the funny, crazy things their boys were doing (and the hilarious things they found themselves saying to their kids – hence the blog’s name!).

OK. Serious business: how did y’all select the name for your blog? It’s AWESOME.

Ashley: Haha! Nicole has weird kids, that’s how. I will have you know that mine DO NOT suck each others toes. Now that I have said it though, it is bound to happen. Could be happening right at this very moment.

Nicole: Ashley’s right. I have had to say the phrase, “Don’t suck your brother’s toe!” many times. When trying to come up with a name for the blog, it popped into my head. I thought a crazy name was perfect for the crazy stories we would share!

Your blog has two authors. How does that work? How did you all meet and decide to blog together? What do you like about sharing a blog?

Ashley: We both just share the weirdness within our lives. It seems to flow well. We met while working at a call center and our children were enrolled in the same daycare together. We cut up all day at work and our kids became friends. And that’s how the insanity began. I like sharing a blog because I feel so connected to my “other” family. I get to hear and see what they are doing every day. I feel like Nicole’s boys are my boys too and I would hate to miss out on anything going on in their lives.

Nicole: I was completely intrigued when I first saw Ashley. She had bright pink hair and made it look good and she had a little baby with bright orange curls. Our oldest boys became fast friends and so did we. Both of us are a little crazy. I just moved to San Antonio and left my “other boys” and Ashley behind. After having become family, this blog is a great way for us to stay connected.

Between the two of you, you have seven sons! What are your tips for raising boys?

Ashley: I have a few tips on raising sons…hahahahahaha. No, I don’t. You just learn as you go. I have a feeling they have taught me much more than I could ever teach them. Oh!!! I do have a couple!!! Keep your fridge full at all times. Don’t buy white t-shirts for them EVER. And always wipe your toilet seat before you actually sit on it. It has pee on it, I swear.

Nicole: I call my mom!! I have five little brothers that I grew up with. I was a bit of a tom boy. Boys are what I know. But there are a couple of things I can tell you:

  • Boys fight and they are mean but they get over it quickly.
  • They eat a lot from birth.
  • The woman you are is the woman they will marry. Be aware of how you act, carry yourself, and how you allow others to treat you. They are watching.
  • I agree with Ashley on the toilet seat thing – always wipe it first!

You’ve got a section for recipes on your blog. How do you come up with them? What are your favorite sites for finding/trying new recipes?

Ashley: Hmmm…We do??? Maybe I should check that out. That’s all Nicole. I don’t cook stuff, I burn it!

Nicole: I started that page! I love baking and cooking and I thought, why not share that aspect of my life? I love to look at Pinterest and Food Network for a lot of my recipes. My Banana Bread recipe is the recipe my mom has always used.

What blogs do you both love to read?

Ashley: I read one a lot. It’s called Insane In the Mom Brain. It’s pretty hilarious. I also read Bitchin’ Parents because they have a lot of fan-based questions which I like to read and give advice on if it’s something I am familiar with. Otherwise I just read lots of others here and there. It’s really interesting to see what others have to say. Nicole and I seem to write more about the totally weird crap our boys say and do. Others seem to write more about advice and everyday life. Our everyday lives consist of “Don’t give your two-year-old corn because you’ll end up at the ER trying to get it out of his nose!” and the obvious, “Don’t suck your brother’s toe!”

Nicole: I read a ton of blogs now. I really love Unconventional Mommy Tails, Funny Postpartum Lady, and Alamo City Moms Blog!

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