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Stacy blogs about family, kids, crafts, recipes, Pinterest, No Kid Hungry, helping others

The first thing you notice when you meet Stacy Teet is her smile: it’s infectious. And, as you smile back at her, you realize her eyes are smiling too. Stacy’s passion for her family, her friends, her work, and her desire to help others runs deeps and it’s evident in every post on her blog, Kids | Stuff | World. I’m proud and honored to call her my friend.

Kids | Stuff | World. Your blog covers a nice variety of topics for parents including crafts, recipes, teaching kids to help others, and more. What do you most hope to accomplish with your blog?

I think we all start our blogs with the intention of inspiring someone, but even more so than that I hope I can help someone. Helping others is something I not only feel passionately about. It also brings me great joy. Kids | Stuff | World is a place parents can go to find simple things to brighten their day: a quick craft project they can do with their kids; a handy list of great gift ideas for just about any holiday; a reminder to hang on to the good times and photograph them every chance you get; and that doing good doesn’t have to cost you anything or take up much of your time.

Kids | Stuff | World – it’s the little things, the big things, and all the “stuff” in between.

Kids | Stuff | World - it's the little things, the big things, and all the "stuff" in between.

You have a fantastic following on Pinterest. What’s one tip bloggers should use to grow an audience on Pinterest that will lead people to their blogs?

First, thanks. who doesn’t love Pinterest? One of the best tips for bloggers regarding Pinterest I’ve ever received comes from my friend, Zina Harrington. She taught me how important it is to have a board dedicated to your blog and to originate all of the pins you pin from your own site there before you pin them anywhere else – say, a recipe board, a collaborative board, etc. That way no matter where you pin, it always leads back to you and your blog.

There’s a few more quick and simple tips in my guest post at How to rock Pinterest like a pro

No Kid Hungry is an initiative that is near and dear to your heart (and your blog). How can bloggers get involved in this great effort to help feed children?

No Kid Hungry is a great cause working to end child hunger in America. They focus primarily on school breakfast and summer meal nutrition programs. I’m a member of their social action council and we are busy brainstorming ways to engage social media and bloggers to really make a difference this year, especially during National Hunger Month in September.

Everyone is invited to like No Kid Hungry on Facebook and our own page, Moms Fighting Hunger.

If you’re a blogger interested in helping out or getting involved, please join this Facebook group or shoot me an email (kidsstuffworld at gmail dot com). I will have several opportunities over the next few months for bloggers and parents, many of them as simple as sharing a tweet that will raise money for No Kid Hungry.

Thanks for asking about this!

Fight hunger. Feed kids. No kid hungry.

What’s one thing your fellow bloggers and your readers would be surprised to learn about you?

How about this, leading up to your next question … I’m a bit of a social media junkie. I got started when I found out I was moving back stateside after living overseas for eight years. I used social media as a way to communicate, ask questions, and connect with others. Three kids and five years later, I’ve developed a bit of a knack for trying out new platforms and making them work to my advantage.

New social networks are popping up all the time (Sulia, Seesaw, etc.). How do you decide in which new social networks you’ll participate? How do you balance it all (blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and the others!)?

This one is pretty easy for me. There seems to be something new coming out all the time. There’s no way to be EVERYWHERE all of the time, so I ask myself one simple question, “How will this network add to my social experience elsewhere?” If I can figure out a way to make it another tool in my toolbox, or if it will save me time somewhere else, I give it a go. If it seems like a duplicate of something else or a significant time waster with few results, I pass.

It may seem like I am everywhere, but I owe that illusion to the greatest tool of them all — my smartphone.

I do 90% of all my social media interactions from my phone during small pockets of time – in the carpool line, after I’m done pushing my kids on the swings and they’re off to play by themselves … for five minutes, while I’m waiting for the water to boil, in the checkout line. More than likely, the same way every other Mom I know gets things done. The best way we can.

Thanks so much for having me here Colleen, you have a great site and I love all the things you do for San Antonio mom bloggers.

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