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Family Love in my City, San Antonio, by Michelle Hernandez

Michelle Hernandez blogs at Family Love in My City, a fitting title for a blog that reads like a living, breathing love letter, to her children as well as to our beloved city of San Antonio. Her posts are infused with a passion for culture, teaching her children Spanish, and finding fun and educational things for families to experience together in the Alamo City.

Twins! People are fascinated by them. As a mother of twins, what do you believe is the biggest misconception about having twins?

I think the biggest misconception is that there is two of everything or that it is twice as hard. Parenting is such a roller coaster and hands-on learning experience, that I can never compare having multiples versus a single child. I will say that seeing two babies grow up at the same time is like experiencing the whole nature vs. nurture concept right before your eyes!

Your blog is all about ways for families to enjoy San Antonio. What are your three favorite (and, possibly, little known) activities or events that San Antonians should be enjoying with their kids?

An afternoon downtown is my favorite. Acting like a tourist and taking a walk by the Alamo for a raspa, people watching, eating at the two-story McDonalds, or a ride on a trolley are just some little things that make for great memories. Second would be UTSA football games. Besides it being fun and cheering on the home team, I like to keep the college atmosphere close to my kids reach. I want them to love the university, so they will work hard to go to any college when they get older! Third would be SeaWorld and Aquatica because my family can spend all day over there!

Your children are in a dual language program. How do you like it and how do you supplement their Spanish learning outside of school?

I love the dual language program! We are only English-speaking at home, so I like to do things like changing the setting on the TV to Spanish, so the Spanish will play when it’s available (which it is on most Nick and Disney shows) and listen to Spanish music when we are in the car. We also try to read as much in Spanish as we can and are always looking out for signs that are in English and Spanish when out on the town. The San Antonio Zoo’s signage is almost all in both languages.

It’s no secret (from your social media posts): you’re a boxing fan! How did you get into watching boxing? Who do you like to follow? (Did I say that correctly? I know NOTHING about boxing!)

Boxing is very much a cultural thing for me. The big fights become events that bring together families and friends at barbecues, which is where I was first introduced. I fell in love with boxing, thanks to my husband, by watching documentaries on the fighters and their stories. Boxing is often called the poor man’s sport and often boxers begin training at such a young age, it’s amazing to see their stories of overcoming adversity. And my favorite boxer right now is Omar Figueroa, Jr., a young, up-and-coming boxer from the Rio Grande Valley.

What is your favorite post you’ve written, your favorite Instagram you’ve taken, and your favorite Pinterest board you’ve created (and why?)?

My favorite post, because I can feel the emotions when I read it, even 2 years later –

My favorite Instagram was taken at Madhatters, of the twins, of course. It’s about a parenting night out that just brought us right back to parenting, in a very good way.

And my favorite Pinterst board is really my Food & Drink board because I really do try the recipes I pin! It is like my personal cookbook!

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