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Michelle Cantu blogs about style, fashion, beauty, food, homeschooling, parenting, and more at A Thrifty Diva

Michelle Cantu is a mom to three, a homeschooler, and a fashionista. On A Thrifty Diva, her lifestyle blog, she writes about her daily life as a mother of homeschooling three boys, but she’s also a go-to source for the hottest fashion trends and beauty products on the market. And her keen eye for style extends to babies and kids. With her help, you can be sure your child’s look is as stunning as yours!

Your blog is now three years old (Congratulations!). How has it changed since you first started blogging?

My blog has evolved A LOT. When I first started blogging my posts where not as thought out as they are now. I have learned more about myself and what is important to me in life through my blog. Since most of my posts coincide with my daily life, I have become a more ambitious person and, dare I say, more fun.

How do you decide what to write about on your blog?

Deciding to write a lifestyle blog has given me the freedom to not feel like I have to stay completely on one topic. I love fashion and beauty, but I tend to sway from that to blog about my daily trials and tribulations of being a wife, mom of three boys, homeschooling, and trying to stay chic.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

Well, interestingly enough, I am a huge fan of Instagram and a total TV junkie. Reality and prime time shows are my weakness. I pull a lot of my inspiration from celebs and non-celebs. A couple of my fave Instagramers are Jessica Alba and Lauren Conrad.

What is your favorite post you’ve ever written and why?

Well I have lots of favorite posts, but I must say my most popular post ever is a post I wrote by accident. It’s about how to remove wax from walls. My son’s idea of playing soccer in the living room turned into a post on a DIY clean up. I have caught myself referring to this post with friends. It’s gotten tons of hits and on any given day will bring in 50+ new readers. It has definitely been great for traffic and has turned into one of my favorites.

What little-known, or best-kept-secret activities does your family love to do in San Antonio?

I love to fish. Not many people know that about me. I have managed to lure my husband and boys into enjoying it almost as much as I do. I could literally spend hours sitting by the water. We have been known to make a day of it at local lakes in the area.

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