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Megan Ortiz, who blogs at Mean Baby, is one of the friendliest people you’ll meet. When she moved to San Antonio, she found SanAntonioMomBlogs.com and contacted me to see how she could meet and make connections with other moms and bloggers. Before we ever met in person I could sense her beautiful smile through the emails she sent me. Megan is a mom, a blogger, a baby concierge, a social media consultant, a photographer (recently lending her talents to other San Antonio bloggers), and she’s creative. I’d be insanely envious of her many talents if she wasn’t so much fun to be around.

Why is your baby so mean? Seriously. I’ve met her. There is no way that adorable babe is mean. Discuss.

No no. My baby is not mean. Actually, I got pretty lucky with a laid back kid. I went to a home daycare growing up. Apparently, I had a biting problem…I am indeed the OG Mean Baby, but I’m sure there are others out there.

You came to San Antonio from Austin. How do the blogging scenes differ between the two cities?

ATX is my first love – you know the kind of experience where only the good memories come to the surface. I spent my days there on my bike cruising around the city. When I wasn’t doing that I was working in politics or marketing. Can’t say much about the blogging scene. I was very new and didn’t really touch a computer after the 6pm bell.

What’s one topic you will never blog about?

Mean Baby was started as a business. Originally, I aimed for the blog component to be informative for parents all over on local events, giveaways and anything in the baby prep world, but I’ve found that as the company grows I can’t help but write about my personal life – something I told myself wasn’t for this blog. Up until a few months ago, I left those thoughts over at Letters to Pistol – a blog I write only to my daughter. So I can’t really say I won’t “go there” with Mean Baby. I don’t even know. Como se dice “laissez faire” en Español?

What’s a baby concierge and how did you become one?

I started this business because the baby prep process is too difficult. It stresses parents out. I found a dad crying in the gliders at Buy Buy Baby for prep sake! So, I help ease the whole thing. From that first at-home test to the moment baby is ready for daycare or nanny selection. I’m right next to the parents guiding their registry – making sure they don’t buy crap they will not use – advising them on the best local resources and, of course, allowing the parents to leave logistics to me while they enjoy their pregnancy and 4th trimester with a new baby. Pretty much anything they need accommodating for, I’m there to help. A full list of “official” services can be found on my website. I can do the job from anywhere. Right now, I have a client in Chicago and two in DC.

You have a passion for putting your blog’s spotlight on local businesses. Who do you have in your sight’s next?

I love shopping local. Right after I moved to San Antonio in February, I contacted every baby store-front in the city. It’s important that I write about what’s happening in San Antonio and highlight the baby market in our own city limits. I’m finding that Mean Baby has become a true melting pot for what I love – baby planning, photography, blogging, bow making – I hope that I can continue to connect parents with the best resources, ease up the baby prep, take a few photos and provide a few free events along the way. But I can’t just give it all away here – you have to tune in. I promise, you won’t regret the weekly – sometimes daily – dose of Mean Baby sass.

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