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Lori Stromberg writes at My Six Ring Circus, her latest blog. But she’s no stranger to blogging. In 2010 she and her husband decided to start a blog to chronicle their path to debt-free living. At MySixRingCircus.com, Lori’s focus is on her family. She enjoys sharing personal anecdotes, food-allergy-friendly-recipes, tips for traveling with kids, ways for families to save money, and kids’ activities. Lori joined us at BlogItSA last weekend at Geekdom and it was a pleasure to meet her in person. She’s just as friendly and down-to-earth in person as she is on her blog.

san antonio mom blogs and bloggersYou’ve got two blogs. Your first, Our Money Makeover Challenge, which you started in 2010, is all about your family’s experience with finances. Has it been difficult to post about such a sensitive topic? Has blogging about it changed and/or helped how your family manages money?

In the beginning of starting our Money Makeover Challenge it was difficult to blog about something so private. Most people don’t talk about their finances and they certainly don’t talk about their debt. It took some time to convince myself and my husband that it was a good idea to share our money makeover journey with other people. One of the main reasons I wanted to blog about our Money Makeover Challenge was to keep us accountable. I knew that it would be all too easy for us to slip back into the depths of debt and our bad money habits. Through blogging about our Money Makeover we’ve been able to share all that we have learned so far; we have “paid it forward” by sending Dave Ramsey’s books to friends; and it encouraged me to start sharing the little ways we were learning to cut corners to save money. Now we also have our kids involved in our finances by teaching them about the envelope system and how to to budget their own money.

At MySixRingCircus.com you write about a variety of family and lifestyle topics including recipes, travel with kids, couponing, kids’ activities, recipes. and more. Which topic is your favorite to write about and why?

It’s hard to pick a favorite because all of these things sum up my day-to-day life. However, I have most recently found that sharing small stories and personal struggles about my life are enriching. Plus, it is easier for me to put those stories into a post to share than it is to write a step-by-step toddler hair tutorial or recipe. For whatever reason the words come much more freely to me when it is something I have experienced or just lived. One day I’d love to write a book about my life, not sure if anyone would want to read it, but just to have it all written down for my future grandchildren to read would be neat.

You recently learned that your little brother suffers from several food allergies. How do you find (or create) recipes that adhere to his special diet and yet keep everyone at the table happy?

I set out to find a way to eat the meals we’ve always loved, just in a different way to accommodate his food allergies. For instance, my oldest son had been begging for pot pie. After much research I found two recipes that had SOME things that would work and SOME ingredients I’d have to substitute out or leave out altogether. I tested the dish that was combined from the two recipes and PRESTO the entire family LOVED IT! My kids had no idea they were eating allergy free and my (picky) little brother had NO complaints about the dinner! From there I knew that eating the variety of foods we always had was completely within reach every day, I just had to do a little extra work to find the right fit. Now the kids (and adults) put in their requests for meals and I am two steps ahead of them…researching, planning substitutes and making my grocery store list.

What’s your best travel tip for families traveling with small kids?

Well, I have done a LOT of traveling with my family. From airplanes with a four-month-old and two-year-old by myself, to driving 10+ hours very pregnant alone with four children…and everything in between. I would have to say my best tip is to STAY CALM, as calm as possible that is! There will be flight delays, diaper blow outs, someone getting car sick, road construction, luggage lost, strollers damaged, “check engine” lights, flat tires, fights, children fits and MOMMY fits BUT if you can keep your cool and roll with the punches you will be able to enjoy the moments you have to crank the radio and sing with your family!

Who are your three favorite pinners to follow and why?

Hi I am Lori and I am a Pinterest junkie! From the moment I discovered Pinterest I fell in love, started following, started repinning, and haven’t stopped. In no particular order my three favorite pinners are:

  • Once a Month Mom because I have never found a recipe they have pinned that I didn’t love.
  • How Does She because they pin a little of everything and their boards are very well organized so I can find pins easily when I go to their profile.
  • Kate SmallThingsBlog because I like to *think* I will one day have the sleek yet impressive wardrobe she has AND her ability to do amazing hairstyles on herself (and others)!

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