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Heather Hernandez is the luckiest person I’ve ever met. And I mean that literally. Heather wins all the time! In San Antonio social media circles it’s a running joke that if there is an event with a giveaway or prize and Heather is there, she’s hands-down going to win it. But the thing about Heather is, she’s so  kind and knowledgeable and friendly, and she goes out of her way to be helpful to everyone she meets, that you’re always happy for her. Heather’s blog is one of San Antonio’s best resources for families, foodies, and everyone who loves learning about great deals.

The blogger behind GeeketteBits.comWhat was your motivation for starting your blog in 2009?

My then boyfriend (now husband!) encouraged me to start a blog so I could share all of my random tips and tricks with people. We would be hanging out with friends and they would mention wanting to do something…and I would know how to do it, the best time, and with what coupon. It kind of just started from there. As I learned more about the social media community in San Antonio, I became more and more excited from the immediate and open support from everyone!

Your blog covers a number of helpful topics from great deals to events to educational posts. What post (or topic) have people found to be the most helpful?

Based on stats alone my post, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie | Laura Numeroff,” was the most helpful! One thing I like to do is include everything I possibly can: website, details, social media accounts, coupons, etc. I want to centralize all the information because a lot of times people don’t know how much there is to know! For this post, I did printables, party supplies, supplemental information from the author, from the publisher, online games. If I’m taking the time to find everything I like to share that with my readers.

As a mom with a full-time job and as a long-time blogger, how have you managed to fit blogging and social media into your life? Any tips to share on balancing it all?

Blogging and social media can be a double-edged sword. It can be very easy to just post or tweet something in a couple minutes…when the rest of life takes so much longer. I am much better than I was and I am getting better. It’s something I always have to make a conscious effort to remember… For 2013, I instituted a rule that after we take pictures of all the food, no more electronic devices at the table…and I can’t post it until after we eat.

You’re very involved in San Antonio’s food scene. Which local restaurants are doing the best job with social media as a way to connect with diners?

The Arcade Midtown Kitchen is opening next Tuesday and they have been great about posting opening updates and teasing pictures. A lot of the vendors at the farmer markets also take to the social channels because it’s a lot easier to post faster than updating a website with ever-changing products and locations. South Texas Heritage Pork makes an excellent effort to remain engaged even though they are very busy.

What are your three favorite Twitter accounts to follow and why?

I’m going to cheat a little bit and use up my three to mention the list I created on Twitter of the local foodies, chefs, sous chefs, and restaurateurs. You can subscribe to my SA Food Twitter List. It has 267 members and it’s hilarious watching the chefs banter back and forth with each other…it’s also great to read what dinners they’re putting on, what they’re eating, and reading.

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