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vegetarian, Bloom MaternityUpon first meeting Ellen Evans you’ll notice how elegant she is, how poised. She carries herself with grace and speaks deliberately and thoughtfully. She’s a great listener. And, if you spend more time with her, you’ll learn she is just as lovely as you first assessed her to be. But, she is all that and so much more. Ellen is kind, witty, and fun-loving, all qualities I’ve seen her bring to her parenting and to her friendships. She’s not afraid to show her goofy side (as evidenced in the photo below from a Sustenio vegetarian feast we both attended – the girl is serious about dessert, people!), yet she has a keen sense for business too.

You’re a business owner, a mom, and you’ve got three blogs! What is each blog about and how do they differ?

I started with The Hip Vegetarian. I was posting on Facebook what I was making for dinner and I kept getting recipe requests. It was my good friend Kami who encouraged me to turn it into a blog. My goal is to eventually print out a blog book so my kids and family will have a collection of my recipes.

I bought The Bloom Blog when I purchased the maternity store Bloom Maternity. That’s where I posted articles about parenting and pregnancy. However, I didn’t feel comfortable talking about my personal life, AKA kids, in that forum so I created The Bloom Diaries.

The Bloom Diaries is where I try and record things about my two boys, do some giveaways, and just write about things I feel emotional about during any given week.

Over the last few years you’ve moved from employee to business owner. What do you like best about owning your own business?

I control my schedule and put in as much or as little time as needed. My professional background is public relations, so the social media aspect of owning my own business helps keeps my toes dipped in the world of PR.

What one piece of advice would you give to other moms who want to make that leap?

Research. Research. Research. Check to see if your city has a Small Business Resource Center and utilize their experts and take classes on small business start-ups. I was amazed at the resources they have at their finger tips.

On TheHipVegetarian.com you share a variety of recipes. Where do you get your inspiration for vegetarian food and meals?

My Mom’s cookbook that she compiles for me and recipes from the Express-News Taste section. I have a big pile of recipes I’ve cut out over the past few years.

Where are your three favorite places to play with your kids in San Antonio and why?

My boys are OBSESSED with trains, so most of our outings at the Brackenridge Eagle Train next to the park. Their engineers are so friendly and informative, plus it’s an inexpensive outing since kids under three are free. I just wish they offered family memberships!

Landa Library in Monte Vista. Their outdoor park is so beautiful — and shaded! Which is very nice during out hot months. Plus it’s a bonus that the library is right there so we can take a break to get books and use the bathroom. Thankfully the Library Foundation staff never seem perturbed if the kids are too loud, right outside their office window.

Museum Reach of the River Walk. The boys often request to go walking on the River Walk. We park at The Pearl and will walk down to the locks. There is some art installation under each bridge, plus we have fun looking for faces that are hidden in the grotto.

fun at Sustenio with Ellen Evans and Colleen Pence, San Antonio mom bloggers

What are your three must-read blogs?

Jill at Baby Rabies is a must read if you’re a mom. She’s a journalist by profession and is just dead-on when it comes to the experience a mom suffers through. I think it’s hysterical that people have actually though her babies had rabies. Come on!

I always look forward to Molly Cox’s posts over at Alligator and Things. Molly is witty, insightful, and has a knack for bonding with neighbors over coffee. She must use a special blend that magically makes everyone like or trust her.

I’m not a crafter and yet I take great delight in Craftastrophe. I always envision that if I did craft it would end up on this blog. Don’t let the banner scare you — but if read through enough posts, you might find yourself dying of laughter.

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