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where to go and what to do wtih your kids in San Antonio

I first met Debi Pfitzenmaier on Twitter before I ever met her in person. After tweeting with her for her several weeks about San Antonio, tacos, and kids, we met in person at a local tweetup (BMPR – San Antonio’s business, media, PR tweetup for those who remember it). Our friendship formed quickly, bonded by motherhood, an obsession with social media, and our shared professional backgrounds, oh, and our same wicked sense of humor.

Debi is an experienced, creative, and highly sought-after public relations professional. She’s also a mom to two and the blogger behind, the comprehensive and colorful resource for where to go and what to do with your kids in San Antonio. Earlier this year Debi launched the SA Busy Kids Summer Camp Guide and today she debuts Busy Kid Guide: Where to Go and What to Do In and Around San Antonio.

What was your inspiration for creating

I never could find STEM-related camps for my son – everyone was publicizing general camps and sports stuff. And most of it was advertising-based. Over a couple of years, I had accumulated a huge list of STEM-related camps and was already sharing it with folks who asked. My goal was to print a guide (there used to be one here in San Antonio many years ago), but I never got around to it. At some point, it seemed easier to just post it online…and SA Busy Kids was born.

How do you keep up with all of the events and activities happening for kids and families all over San Antonio?

Lots of hours and of hands-on research. I subscribe to a ton of emails, pick up flyers and magazines compulsively and surf the web for hours.

If you had to pick one activity or event in San Antonio to recommend for the following age groups, what would they be?

0-3 – Pick a park, any park. Just get outside and enjoy nature. Roll them around in their stroller or let them walk. Get close to the ground together and look at bugs and flowers. Give the older kids a magnifying glass or camera. Here’s a list of our favorite jaunts: Turn off the TV and go for a walk.

4-10 – Go underground at Natural Bridge Caverns. Or take a slightly longer drive and head to Longhorn Caverns or the Caverns of Sonora (my personal fav).

11-15 – Biased here, but it would be the San Antonio Youth Code Jam (video below). I believe coding is our kids’ generation’s second language. I also am a big fan of the Mirror Maze downtown.


What blogs in other Texas cities do you recommend that are similar to

I’m glad you asked! I’m a huge believer in hyperlocal media. Whenever I travel, finding a local blog is always my first stop for planning.

Heidi’s blog, Free Fun in Austin

AroundTownKids Frisco

Houston On the Cheap

Dallas Moms and Dads

Dana White’s Ellis County Family Guide  (Southern side of Dallas)

What’s next for

In the spring of this year, I launched a sister site, San Antonio Camp Guide. It’s got a long way to go, but at least it’s up and running! I plan to add the ability to search by zip code, age and type of camp. If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

In a couple of days, I’m launching Busy Kids Guide which will be a listing of some 300+ places to go and things to do with your kids in and around San Antonio. That’s going to be fun!

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