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Christina blogs about DIY and deals at Champagne Taste on a Beer BudgetChristina Coker is a fun, friendly, glamorous mom of three. On her blog, Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget, Christina writes about how to have it all without spending it all. And her DIY posts for crafts and nail, makeup, and fashion tips, are always a hit (you’ve seen many of them on Pinterest!).

Why and how did you decide to start your blog?

My older sister has a successful fashion blog and I would read it and think, “I can’t afford this stuff,” because it’d be Gucci, Fendi, Louboutin, etc. I started thinking about women and moms my age who are on a budget and that’s how I decided to start writing.

What’s your best tip for families who have great taste but still want to watch the piggy bank?

My best advice would be to research: know your area. Vacations are doable, and family outings can happen multiple times a week without spending a paycheck if you do your research and know the area in which you live. For example, San Antonio offers great, free family-oriented events like museum days, movies in the park, art classes, etc.

You’re a mom to three and a successful model. What are three ways moms can continue to add glamour to their lives?

I’m BIG on moms still having glamour in their lives and maintaining a sense of “self” even after baby (or babies)! My top three tips are:

  1. Never leave the house without wearing something that makes you feel beautiful. Whether it’s a squirt of perfume, a 2nd coat of mascara, or five-inch heels, put it on.
  2. Shave your legs! I actually hate shaving my legs, and I’m sure it’s not on the priority list of a new mom but, trust me, not seeing or feeling stubble and always being ready to go makes a world of difference.
  3. Get a great hair cut. It doesn’t have to be a $100 splurge, just something that makes you look and feel great! “Mom hair” is not acceptable!

And I have endless amounts of other glamour tips for moms. I’m even contemplating penning an eBook on the subject.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids in San Antonio?

There’s so much that San Antonio has to offer families. There’s always something going on if you look for it. My minis and I do zoo and museum memberships and we always get SeaWorld or Six Flags season passes. We get outside as much as possible and love anything hands-on that is arts and crafty.
Check out my post on how to save money at SeaWorld and these two DIY at home craft posts: Finger Print Tree and DIY Crayons.

What blogs do you visit for inspiration?

I love P.S. I made this… It’s a fashion, DIY, arts and crafts, money saving blog all in one and I want to try everything she does. It’s hard for me not to reblog every one of her posts!

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