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San Antonio mom blog living in the (mom)entI’m always on the lookout for San Antonio mom blogs to read and share. Sometimes I find them. And sometimes, those bloggers find me. On New Year’s Eve I received an email from Ashley Moss, letting me know she’s an active mom blogger in San Antonio. Although her latest blog is brand new, Ashley’s been blogging on other sites since 2008. On living in the (mom)ent, Ashley writes about her toddler son, recipes she loves, and her family’s San Antonio outings. She also shares her beautiful photographs.

Your latest blog, living in the (mom)ent, is relatively new. When did you first start blogging and what was the topic? How is this new blog different?

I started blogging in 2008 as a food blogger. My pictures were terrible but I had so much fun blogging in that community. I was a newlywed learning my way around a kitchen so that blog helped challenge me to learn so many new things. My new blog lets me blog about life. I can write about food if I like, but I can also just write about my daily life. I like having less writing restrictions.

You’re a new photographer (and the pics on your blog are gorgeous!). What’s a tip you can share with bloggers just learning the DSLR ropes?

Thank you! I’ve been learning my camera for a little over a year now and my best tip is shoot in manual! It’s hard to start out that way but the Internet is FULL of tutorials. My 3 Boybarians has an awesome 31 day tutorial that really got me started.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing is that blogging is just for me. Since I stay home with my son and I nanny a four-year-old boy, I sometimes feel like my day is full of taking care of other people and doing things for them. While I love my job, blogging is my outlet for me-time. I get to write, edit pictures, and read other blogs. Plus, I majored in English so I feel like I get to put that degree into practice through writing.

Your blog is full of great recipes. What inspires you when you cook?

I get really excited about food. I love taking a recipe and adding my twist to it. I have way too many spices but that’s my favorite part–adding spices to a meal to change its flavor (I almost always add red pepper flakes. I love spicy!). I’ve been trying to cook without recipes and let the ingredients inspire me, and that has been fun! If it’s been a long day, I lean toward heavier comfort food, but on easy-going days I tend to crave lighter easy-to-fix dinners. The kitchen is definitely my favorite place to be.

What are your three must-read blogs?

I can only pick three? Ha, I read so many!

Click It Up A Notch – Great photography tutorials and tips

Joelen’s Culinary Adventure/What’s Cooking Chicago – I’ve been reading this blog since I first got married and she has the best, family friendly recipes.

Six Sisters Stuff – Fun recipes and crafts.

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