school open

San Antonio ISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez recently held an hour-long live streamed question-and-answer session with the Express-News editorial board. During the session, he stated that he plans on opening schools on time on August 10th.

Martinez noted that opening on time is crucial for SAISD, as the high-poverty district has a high ratio of its 48,600 students that don’t have reliable internet or areas to study at home, so a physical school location is crucial.

That being said, he imagines that school will look a lot different than it has before as social distancing rules are implemented. Classroom occupancy will have to drop, which means students might come to school in shifts throughout the day, or even every other day. He also envisions a model that blends classroom time with virtual home instruction.

Martinez said that the district has ordered masks for staff in case they are deemed necessary when school starts.

He hopes that proposed $1.25 billion bond will be pushed through, which would help retrofit schools with larger classrooms, better internet, and after school work spaces.

Lynn Miller