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San Antonio ISD has approved a 2020-2021 calendar that will feature extended breaks.  San Antonio ISD’s extended breaks also come with two new dates that will celebrate the Battle of Flowers Parade. As the world wrestles with planning and scheduling in the wake of the deadly coronavirus, many institutions are working hard to solidify calendars and plans for the next year.

San Antonio Independent School District recently approved its instructional calendar for 2020-2021 that has some changes from previous years. This does not come as a shock to SAISD residents, employees and students in light of all the changes that have happened throughout the year of 2020.

San Antonio ISD has decided to begin the new school year on August 10, 2020, and finish the year on June 18th, 2021. While this seems commonplace for SAISD, the difference is San Antonio ISD’s extended breaks. The organization has chosen to create “intersession dates” or extended breaks. The extended breaks will be attached to preexisting breaks in school times such as spring break, Thanksgiving, and winter holidays such as Christmas.

The intention in creating San Antonio ISD’s extended breaks is to provide additional makeup days in case there is another COVID-19 outbreak. This way, students can make up the days they may miss in the future without suffering from educational regression.

The added days of intercession are as follows: 

• Nov. 16-20

• Jan. 4-8

• March 15-19

The district has been partnering with staff members and parents to create three different models of learning opportunities. One is face-to-face, another is a hybrid, which is a combination of face-to-face instruction that is coupled with online instruction, and the last is an online learning environment that was created to accommodate different stages of schools having to close.

Other districts in the area such as, East Central ISD and NEISD are beginning school on August 17. NEISD will also be offering parents the option of completely virtual school for online instruction.

If you’re looking for the full SAISD 2020-2021 school year calendar, click here.