Food BankVolunteers at the San Antonio Food Bank are preparing for another massive food giveaway. The food giveaway is scheduled to take place this Friday, April 17th at 10:00 am at the Alamodome. 

The Food Bank executives say that 1,200 people have already pre-registered for the giveaway.

Executives with the Food Bank say 1,200 people have already pre-registered for the giveaway.

Three weeks ago, Anthony Flores was one of the many first time visitors to the food bank when the San Antonio food bank did a giveaway. Flores explains that he’s been “eating for about a month off of the food I got that very first time I went there.”

Typically, the food bank feeds 60,000 people a week. Eric Cooper, president, and CEO of the food bank says that they do not have the inventory to meet the demand that has arisen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, the line to get food was miles-long around the San Antonio food bank. While Flores didn’t sit in the line last week when the Food Bank gave out food to 10,000 families, he knows people who did.

Over the last few weeks, Cooper explains that the demand for food has doubled. “Roughly 50 percent of the 120,000 people each week that are asking for help have never had to ask for help before,” says Cooper.

Cooper says the food bank won’t be able to survive on community compassion and philanthropy alone and that it will take a public-private partnership to keep the food bank running. Currently, executives from the food bank report that the supplies and inventory they have on hand will cover demand for about three weeks.

Cooper explains that what the Food Bank needs most right now is cash. Monetary funds will allow the bank to purchase food items and supplies that so many families across San Antonio are in desperate need of. To find out how you can help, visit their website here.