The San Antonio Food Bank needs volunteers. Due to COVID-19 cases and the way that the disease continues to spread, the San Antonio Food Bank is serving more people than normal. Many people around San Antonio, Texas, and the world have been negatively affected by the global pandemic.

The food bank needs 400 volunteers per week to serve those in need during the pandemic. However, they currently only have about 100 people that have signed up to volunteer this week and in the weeks to come. You can register to volunteer at the food bank by signing up at

Food Bank CEO Eric Cooper explains that the lack of people volunteering to assist the food bank could result in some food distribution events being postponed or even canceled. It’s also possible that the events that do not have to be postponed or canceled will probably see longer lines with slower distribution rates for clients due to the lack of manpower to help assist.

Cooper says that keeping volunteers and San Antonio residents safe is a top priority for the San Antonio food bank. He says “Our great community is rightfully cautious about getting out at the moment, given the spike in local cases. But the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on our economic stability as a community and food needs continue at all-time high levels. For those that are healthy and can join us, we need you more than ever. With some staying home for health reasons, we need all the heroes our city can provide to join us at our mobile/mega distributions and meet the emergency food needs of our community.”

The only requirement for registering to help the food bank in San Antonio is to be 18 years of age or older. Register online at to give the food bank all the help they need.