san antonio stores face mask

Both San Antonio and Bexar County have extended Stay Home, Work Safe orders until June 4th, officials have said. This comes after 65 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday. Here’s a breakdown of the cases:

  • 23 from the community
  • 5 from Bexar County Jail
  • 7 from congregate settings
  • The others are under investigation currently

The order suggests you wear a mask if over 10 in a public space and minimize social gatherings with those not in the same household. It also states that you must maintain six feet of social distance when in public.

The order says people shall avoid video arcades, amusement parks, and other amusement venues.

The order specifically states that civil or criminal penalties will not be imposed on those who do not wear face coverings.

Those in trouble with mortgage payments will likely be interested to know that it suspends foreclosure proceedings until July 6.