Photo credit: Niche

Update: $1 from every mask purchase is donated to the San Antonio Food Bank! You can order your  San Antonio-made mask here.

The San Antonio boutique Niche is making fashionable masks for purchase. The CDC and the city of San Antonio have recently come forward with new recommendations about keeping citizens safe and healthy in public. When entering public spaces, people need to be wearing masks. Wearing masks should help continue to flatten the Corona Virus curve and also keep those who you come in contact within public spaces, as well as yourself, safe.  Because of this new piece of advice, the need for this sanitary accessory has skyrocketed. The San Antonio boutique Niche is making fashionable masks for purchase.

When Niche joined the fight to flatten the curve of Corona Virus and keep San Antonio safe, they decided to craft a line of washable, fashionable, non-medical face masks. The boutique is manufacturing floral patterned and solid colored masks and selling them for only $10 (before tax and shipping). Now patrons who used to frequent the boutique and want to continue to support the store can do so online.

The masks sport layers of non-woven materials, tie straps that replace elastic bands, and a pocket that can hold an N95 mask within the mask. It’s clear that the owners of Niche thought about what would be safe, healthy and fashionable for the consumer. While San Antonio boutique Niche is making fashionable facemasks, they’re also taking precautions in sending them out. Niche is also taking extra measures to ensure that the products they sell are clean and don’t spread germs. The boutique recommends that buys wash masks in hot water with detergent and non-chlorine bleach, then tumble dry them on high heat before wearing or using them.


Masks are available for purchase on Niche’s website. It’s no surprise that these masks were very popular. Although the first batch of masks quickly sold out, the store plans to restock them and is busy creating more.