San Antonio bloggers confront bullying

San Antonio parents and kids are reeling after a young man took his own life last week following months of bullying. Parents and the community are trying to make sense of what happened. We’re praying for the young man’s family to find peace. We’re struggling with how to talk with our own kids about bullying. And, I suspect, our search for how to handle this devastating situation that happens every day in our community and countless others, will go on.

In the meantime, San Antonio bloggers share their stories, some tips, and many resources for parents and kids regarding bullying. And San Antonio continues to mourn our community’s loss of a fine young person.

Alamo City Moms
David’s Legacy: Stop Bullying Now, by Denise Moore

A Letter to David, by Erin Kirwan

A Thrifty Diva, Michelle Cantu
6 Tips to help parents stop digital drama and cyberbullying

Red, White & Grew, Pamela Price
25 Things Your Community Can Do to Curb Bullying

What We Can Learn From the David Molak Bullying Case

Anti-bully Pulpit, a Pinterest board dedicated to articles and resources to stop bullying

The Big Mama Blog, Melanie Shankle
City on a Hill

Debi Pfitzenmaier
Taking control: Six steps when bullying gets out of control

San Antonio Mom Blogs, Colleen Pence
Gifted, Bullied, Resilient: Pamela Price’s new book is the perfect read for all parents

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