Restaurants Recovery in San Antonio

According to analysis shared by, San Antonio ranks among the top cities in the US that show a recovery for restaurant related Google searches back to pre-pandemic levels. Of course, San Antonio residents would have guessed these results without Google! Whether it is the amazing variety of restaurants on the riverwalk or other places around San Antonio, there are so many great food options here and it is not a surprise that San Antonio residents are looking forward to enjoying the fantastic food scene yet again!

Mexican restaurants/food had most successful searches – again no surprise given the amazing options for authentic Mexican cuisine in San Antonio. This was followed by Chinese and seafood restaurants. McDonald’s, Wingstop, and Whataburger were the most famous chain locations searched for.

Chef’s Pencil evaluated the search volumes for restaurant-related searches in the United States’ 50 largest cities to determine which cities had the highest and lowest demand during the pandemic era. They compared restaurant-related searches from March 2021 to January 2020 (the last standard-length month before the pandemic started).

Las Vegas and Memphis took the first two spots while San Antonio came in in third on the list. Customers have flocked to restaurants in San Antonio after Texas reopened in early March.

According to “In March 2021, over 1 million restaurant-related searches were conducted in San Antonio, up 108 percent year over year and 71 percent from January 2020.”

In San Antonio, the booming restaurant industry has resulted in a serious labor shortage. Customers were required to order food at the counter in some locations so that servers could concentrate on distributing beverages, while restaurant owners in other locations chose to serve less customers and risk future profits in order to preserve service quality. 


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